Friday, February 23, 2007

It Came, It Came!

It's been EXACTLY two weeks since my homestudy was sent to CIS to join my I-600A, the form I sent to the Department of Homeland Security: Citizenship and Immigration that is the "Application for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition," and today, I received this:

It's my appointment to be fingerprinted! It's one of those milestones in the adoption paperchase that come from an OFFICIAL office.

WooHoo! I'm so excited and relieved! One of the other waiting moms on one of my egroups, using the same CIS office in San Francisco, got her appointment in just one week and her I-171-H came in only one more week. I was starting to wonder about mine, but kept reminding myself that it was President's Day last Monday so there may be a delay. I even prayed about it, asking that it arrived today, and it did.

Okay, I'm now going to open the envelope and read what it says now that I've danced up and down the walkway outside, spun around, scanned the envelope, emailed my friend to tell her and, started my blog post about it...

YES! I can go tomorrow, Saturday, and get my fingerprints taken! Mind you all, this is the second time. It's also required for the homestudy. Heaven forbid one agency dare to share with another even though it's all on computer. No, they need to charge another chunk of money to do it all again. But you know what? It's worth it because I'm going to be a MOM!!!

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