Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I called my agency today to get a status report and the news was fantastic...

My dossier was sent to China TODAY!

It has been 11 wks. 5 days since I had my first meeting at Heartsent Adoptions, Inc. and received my paperwork binder.

It was one of five dossiers sent, meaning five families make up this group. For my agency, all members of the group receive their referrals together from the same province, but not necessarily the same SWI.

However, one family in this group is expedited. They are probably Chinese or have specifically requested a child with special needs. They will be matched to their child sooner than the rest of us and will have their child home probably before we even come close to receiving our referrals.

So, I will be travelling with only three other families, which is very nice. I am the only single. The nearest family is from Fair Oaks which is near Sacramento. One family is from Southern California and the third family is from Virginia (maybe it was Georgia).

My dossier should arrive in Beijing on March 30, 2007. My agency will let me know when it arrives.

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Joannah said...

Great news! Here's hoping for a speedy LID.