Thursday, March 15, 2007

Getting Used to Waiting

I'm still waiting to receive my I-171-H form, the one that gives me CIS approval to bring a foreign orphan into the United States. I was getting very anxious about it and fought the feeling, telling myself that if I truly had faith that God laid out this road for me, I shouldn't feel anxiety. Well, I'm only human, and I have been praying about it, then, yesterday, when I checked the mailbox, a calm, peaceful feeling suddenly came over me and I knew that everything is fine and that the form will come in time. I'm very relieved to feel this peace.

Waiting is the one thing I'm going to be a pro at by the time Apple comes home. The wait for the I-171-H is only the first of many waits. The next big wait is for my log in date with CCAA and after that, the BIG wait for my referral. Lastly, the wait to travel to meet Apple.


Joannah said...


I'd love to have you join us for dim sum. Please email me (there's a link in my blog) and I'll give you the details. Right now, I know it's going to be April 1st, but we're still deciding on the location.



Rick said...

K -
Waiting is a very difficult thing. The 10 years that we waited between our first and second children was a time that stretched me. I will pray that God will continue to provide to you with the peace that only He can give.
Hope to see you at PFC this week.