Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Found a Family in My Group!

I've spent hours watching YouTube Gotcha Day videos tonight and reading some of the blogs I've not read in awhile. What a surprise I got when I opened The Cady Chase, a blog I followed from when Scott and Karen were in China last year, and read this, knowing they lived in the Sacramento area...

"We are officially waiting parents for our second daughter. We received a phone call today from our agency that our documents were all translated and authenticated, and were FedExd to China yesterday, or in adoption terms, we are DTC (documents to China) as of March 26th. That's Scott's mother's birthday too."

I scrolled down the page and when I saw this binder from Heartsent, I immediately knew that they are the Fair Oaks family in my group. I believe this is another miracle. I feel like I already know this family, even though I really don't. But I soon will and we will share one of the most momentous days of our lives together.

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Karen said...

I was sad when I found out that there were no others out of the Sac office in our little group. I really wanted our daughter to be able to be connected with another child (most likely from the same orphanage) as she gets older. It was such a pleasure to hear from you, and to know that we will be going to China together! WOW!!! With smaller groups, the children tend to all come from the same SWI, and quite possibly the two will be roommates together, sharing toys and their A-yi. I feel that much closer to our daughter, somehow now, knowing that she might be with yours.
Our first travel group was very small too, just three families. There's a wonderful connection you get with small groups. I wish we could make it on April 1st. Hopefully we will get together soon though. We always need an excuse to go to the SF area.