Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Killed My Car

Yep, the thermostat said it was hot but I didn't believe it because when I stopped to look under the hood I didn't see steam and the engine didn't feel hot, not at all. Last time this happened, turned out the engine was fine but the thermostat needed replacing. Stupid me drove it to the post office at 10pm last night to mail the taxes (had them done in Feb. as part of the homestudy, but needed to get paid yesterday to send it all to Uncle Sam). I didn't make it. Right off the exit, without any mutterings or drama, the engine simply died.

The verdict is $1,200.00 and this will include a tune-up. Did I mention I spent the same amount in December having the transmission replaced?

Problem, leaking waterpump. My mechanic's exact words, "The waterpump looked like it was urinating."

On the other hand, I think I've gotten used to forking out a couple thousand or so dollars a month. After all, I've been doing it steadily since December!

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