Friday, April 6, 2007

Irresistible Pig

I've been looking for a Year of the Pig (Boar) mascot. I saw a Ty pig and went so far as to pick it up. I put it back on the shelf, though, and told myself I'd think about it. It really was quite cute, but not cute enough to keep. Never having been one for stuffed animals, I didn't find any I thought were truly cute...

Until now.

Then I saw IT. The perfect, irresistable mama pig nursing her three little curly-tailed piglets and I made the, "Aw, how cute!" cry out loud and knew instantly that it was THE ONE. Best of all, it was about 40% off, being the last lowly pig on the shelf.

Notice how Mama Pig has a great look of contentment on her face as she nurses her little babies? That's what got me right away.

Each little teat on the mama has a little magnet in it and each little piglet snout has another one. When I put the piglets remotely close to their mama, they latch right one, nearly jumping right out of my hand. It's very fun to play with!

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