Saturday, April 7, 2007

Recipe 1: Beef Stew on Rice

This is the first installment of my new cooking/recipe posts. I don't know how often I'll do them, but I'm hoping for at least once a week. The recipes will be basic, healthy and resonably quick, for semi-experienced cooks. I don't have time to go through every single detail, but a beginner cook can fill in the gaps by searching online. For example, how to thicken using cornstarch and water.

1 package stew meat
carrots, potatoes, onions, celery
1 can diced stewed tomatoes
corstarch (for thickening)
Serve over cooked rice or noodles

Season to taste, but I encourage you to minimize the use of salt in favor of other spices. I use 21 Season Salute, which I purchase at Trader Joe's. Also, when I simmer it, I put the lid on the pot.

I don't show making the rice, but it's Calrose rice done in a rice cooker.

This stew can also be made in a crock pot. Just throw everything in, turn it on and come home to dinner waiting.


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