Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Special Gift from Tiffany

This is a very special gift to Apple. It's to celebrate being DTC!!! Thank you, Tiffany!

Be sure to click on the picture to see a much larger one and see more details. These shoes are absolutely GORGEOUS, and SO SOFT! I can picture them perfectly with a little black velvet GAP dress I've got for Apple.

I know a lot of waiting moms buy a lot of things during the wait, but I've been buying for the past 15 years. I almost sold/donated my baby things and now I'm so glad I didn't. When I think of all my gorgeous baby clothes finally being used I get so excited and remember how fun it was to buy them, and how much love I felt for my future child. I did sell a few pieces once to a friend and when I saw them on her daughter I cried and felt so sad because it felt like I'd given away part of my dream of motherhood. Little did I realize my dream would come true in the miraculous way that it is.

I will start a couple of new category-type posts every week or so for Show and Tell and Recipes/Instructions of the food I prepare for my daycare babies.

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