Friday, April 27, 2007


My sister, BZ, and her husband bought a home two years ago and I kept saying I'd come for a visit, but something always came up, usually bad health on the part of one of my cats or not being able to find anyone to take care of them. She's visited me several times, usually flying in on a Friday night and leaving Sunday morning. After her last visit, I realized that we only really had Saturday, so I decided to fly down on to her place on a Saturay morning and come home Saturday night. The flight is only one hour and we both live near the airports.

It was PERFECT! Because the time was short, we didn't over schedule and simply enjoyed our time together. I saw her home and her classroom where she teaches. We looked at the baby things she is beginning to collect. And, I finally ate the famous lasagna made by her husband's family's secret recipe (they are Italian). She gave me the recipe and swore me to secrecy, but here's a picture of it...

And here is the one I made the next day...

Just down the street from my sister's home is a state park with camping areas and three small lakes. One of the lakes is for swimming and there is an amazing water slide that is shallow but long that goes into it with a tiny man-made sandy beach, and a huge playground. I think that one of my first little trips after settling after bringing Apple home will be to my sister's and this park.

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