Friday, May 25, 2007

Cloth Diapering Mama

Yep, I LOVE cloth diapers and my Apple is going to have nothing but 100% cotton on her little bottom.

Most of my daycare babies are cloth diapered and four of my cats have worn diapers for 7 years since they have a major spraying problem, so it's not like I'm not used to washing diapers. Besides, I'm the designer of PooPockets, the cornerstone and flagship pattern of New Conceptions, I'll definitely be using my diapers!

Cloth diapering has come a long way in 20 years, even 8 years. With new fabrics and polymers, gone are the days of folding birdseye flats and using pins and rubber pants. Though I'll admit it straight out, I LOVE pinning. Ever since I was a little girl pinning diapers on my dolls, it felt so nurturing and mother-like and it still does. Here is a link to a description and pictures of some of today's diapers. And here is a link to a little newborn getting diapered.

Because the washer and dryer here at my apartment is old and crotchety, I'll be using a modified PooPockets diaper. I will make a PooPockets without a soaker, then leave the back open. I'll insert a folded birdseye flat for the soaker and then pull it out for the wash. I'll also use flushable liners. I have some great diaper covers, Japanese, French, U.S. brands, Canadian brands, wool ones, etc... Basically, this system will fit with all the advantages of PooPockets, but wash super well and dry fast, so they will be eco and energy efficient.

I'm thinking about bringing one PooPockets with me to China and using it the very first time I change Apple's diaper. Then, later, I can tell her the story of it... "Mama made the very first diaper she put on you. It was soft, cozy cotton so you would feel it and know that I would love you and keep you safe and cozy always."

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