Friday, May 4, 2007


I received the most wonderful letter in the mail today from my agency letting me know that my Log In Date at CCAA is April 15, 2007! I am officially "paper pregnant" and expectant mom, a mom in waiting.

There is a touching story behind receiving my letter, too...

I've never hovered at the mailbox before until this adoption. I hovered in wait for my I-171 form and for this LID letter. Yesterday, I hovered over the mail delivery woman as she sorted the mail into our mailboxes. I told her I was waiting for a letter from Heartsent.

Today, she came to my door with one arm full of packages for me and the other waving the letter. She waved it in front of my eyes and asked, "Is this what you're waiting for?" with a huge grin on her face, knowing I would be more interested in the letter than the packages.

Wasn't that the nicest thing?


M & M said...

Congratulations!! Hmm... coincidence that your LID is my son's birthday? :)

K said...

Oops! I just checked the day I typed and got it wrong. I guess I was too wigged-out with excitement. My real LID is 4/15/07. I corrected it.