Monday, May 7, 2007

Mobil Playground

I don't have a yard. I live in an apartment complex with five units. My unit is downstairs and in the back. I have a bit of sidewalk outside my front door with dirt on either side that is sandy and shady and doesn't grow much. Out front, there is a small patch of grass and my neighbor is wonderful and lets me set up my daycare play structures any time.

I found these all on Craig's List and even the heavy-duty wagon, which I couldn't live without. I have devised a way to get the large play structure onto the wagon and load almost everything into it. The other play structures I can pick up and move or use the wagon before I load the big stuff onto it.

It still takes a lot of energy to set it up and put it away so I only do it about three times a week. I vary the structures, too. I have two others and yesterday picked up another one that attaches to the large one, shown, to expand it. I love this one, made by Fisher Price, in the late 1990s. The platform and slide can go higher for older kids, and the steps turn to become a ladder. Best of all, the slide bottoms out on the ground so no matter how slow or fast a child slides down, and regardless of the angle of the slide, the child slides right onto the ground without a bump or fall off an edge.

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Pam said...

Now that is some brilliant organization!
--Pam in Missouri (a fellow March DTCer)