Sunday, June 24, 2007

How I'm Doing

I'm doing pretty well, actually. Despite dire predictions of a horrendously long wait, I still have faith that this is all on God's timetable and not mine and that He's taken me this far, this soon, so I'm very comfortable knowing He has it all planned out for me.

I've been very busy, which, with two businesses, is normal. In fact, I've deliberately slowed down and taken an interest in Ed Harris films. I just finished watching Pollock.

What an amazing story! Jackson Pollock was a very messed up individual, but produced some amazing art during his three most stable years. Now, had I seen one of his drip paintings before seeing the movie, I probably would not have appreciated it, but in the movie, the camera pans a gallery beginning on Pollock's #32, and just having seen the way he painted, a truly balletic process, and seeing the painting inch by inch as the camera panned, and not full on so as to be floundering in front of it, I suddenly got it; I saw beauty and so much more in it! The tiny image below doesn't look like much, does it? But the real thing must be spectacular!

Title: No. 32, c.1950 Jackson Pollock

I went to my local library the very next day and checked out the biography that the film is based on and it's extremely well researched and written. I'm devouring the book. As soon as I'm finished with my current major work-related project, I'm going to experiment with painting and see if I can produce anything worthy of hanging on my walls.

For a fun website where you can paint with your mouse, go here. Click your mouse to change colors.

During my research of Ed Harris films, I've also developed a new respect for what actors go through as part of their daily job and how they prepare. Ed Harris, in preparation for Pollock, built a studio and painted, for Copying Beethoven, he took piano and violin lessons for a year and actually played the violin in the movie. He's learned to handle a variety of guns professionally and to scuba dive, too.

I know that Angelina Jolie also learned to do many of the things in her movies, rarely using a stunt double. She's learned martial arts, other types of fighting, gun handling and slinging, equestrian, and more.

Actors who are good, it seems, truly experience to some extent, the very thing they have to act, in real life. This adds up to a lot of amazing experiences and cultural exposures. Frankly, I'm envious. I'd love a job that requires learning to handle guns professionally, learning several musical instruments, learning to paint, etc....

It also caused me to reflect upon all the things I do have and have had in my own life. I am a certified advanced open water scuba diver. I'm a competitive fencer. I've lived in a foreign country and travelled to several others. I do play a musical instrument well and there's nothing stopping me from learning to paint. I plan to begin Mandarin lessons this fall at my local adult school and I'm going to make a concerted effort to look for opportunities to gain exposure to new things and make sure to do the same for my daughter throughout her life.

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