Thursday, June 7, 2007

Latest from CCAA & USCIS

The CCAA matched families with LIDs through Nov. 7, 2005. This is distressing to many people who have been waiting a very long time for their referral. Last month, CCAA also did only one week's worth of LIDs and the month before that, only two day's worth. I did a calculation last night based on getting through one week of LIDs per month, and it would mean I'd be waiting for 6 years and 2 months. This is very unrealistic.

Rumor Queen's website keeps track of statistics and predictions. No one truly knows what is really going on and things can change without notice for any reason whatsoever. Agencies tell families one thing and yet another agency tells their families something entirely different.

The only thing I can report that my agency told me that may have any effect on these numbers is that U.S. families at Heartsent tend not to send very many dossiers to China during the holiday season. If this is something common to all or most U.S. agencies, then there will be significantly less dossiers logged in during the last six weeks of 2005 and may even account for the high number of them logged in through Oct. and Nov. 2005 if families were trying to "beat" the holiday rush.

Meanwhile, on the homefront, the USCIS (office that one applies to for the child's U.S. visa) did go ahead and raise their fees. It's now $750 to apply and $80 for the fingerprinting. That's a $200 increase! However, each application can be renewed one time for free if the current application has not yet expired. This is great for me since the paperwork is only good for about 15 months. This will cover me for 30 months. I'll still have to pay for the updated homestudy and the accompanying paperwork for that, but saving $830 means a lot to me.

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Doris said...

Our Lid is 4/30/07. It's hard but I just feel like things will speed up for us. I mean they'll have to, won't they ? I don't believe China will let the program shut down.