Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Paperwork Feelings

After reading the comment by Beverly on my last post, I starting mulling over these feelings I have about the paperwork. While I was doing the paperwork, I was so excited at the fact that I was starting the adoption process and it was what I had to do to find out who my daughter is and bring her home, that I just did it like a mad woman at warp speed. There was a deadline I HAD to meet. Somehow, after I was finished, I separated the paperwork from the fact that it's to get to my daughter.

About a month after getting my LID I stopped off at my agency. They all were astonished at how I looked and all remarked on it. They pointed out that I'd had my hair trimmed and how I have a little tan. Most of all, they said I don't looked stressed and tired any more. Remember, I did it all in 36 days, I was more than tired, I was a zombie.

Thanks to Beverly's comment, I'm now going to work at connecting the paperwork back to the journey to my daughter so that when the time to do it again rolls around, I'll have mustered up energy and enthusiasm for it and, hopefully, gotten over this feeling of mild trauma surrounding it.

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Beverly said...

YOU GO GIRL! I will follow your journey and relive mine as you wait for your precious daughter!!