Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sew & Show 1

I've Been Sewing!

I have finally finished the little things I began sewing months ago for Apple. The stores were all out of the purple rickrack I needed to finish, until yesterday. The pictures aren't the best, but you get the idea. Here they are:

This dress is reversible, made from a vintage McCall's pattern. The pattern said 2t, but it's really more like 12 months.

Here is is again as seen from the back. Of course, once Apple is wearing it, the contrasting inside won't be visible.

The weather in the Bay Area changes almost moment to moment so the dress can be worn with a long sleeved shirt underneath and a matching pair of Reversible Pants.

I LOVE these buttons. I'm truly not into the whole adoption ladybug thing, but these were the perfect color and size.

This is the back view.

I began these shoes months ago when I decided that I DID want a couple of ladybug things to symbolize the adoption culture. I made the pattern and they are the first pair of shoes I've ever done so the pattern needs a little tweaking, especially the "demonic" looking eyes, but, overall, I'm very pleased with the result.


Eliza2006 said...

WOW! I am very impressed! You are a seamstress, indeedy! Good job!


wzgirl said...

You MADE those shoes????? Wow...

I love the dress - I'm getting ready to make something very similar. Reversable. I love the colors you chose & especially the purple rickrack. I LOVE rickrack!

LIZ said...

I love the did a great job! The shoes are cute too.

M3 said...

Holy moly, you made all of that?! You are seriously talented! :-)