Saturday, August 25, 2007

Knitting & eBaying

I have renewed my love for Gymboree clothes. I have quite a collection from the mid 1990s that I've saved all this time and now, thanks to eBay, I've collected a few lines from 2002 for a fraction of the price they'd have cost new and most of them are NWT (new with tags). Both of these sets are size 3t.

I've also been knitting. I finally made some little baby socks. I've always wanted to knit socks and now I can finally say I've done it and I love it. I'm going to knit some for myself. The pink sweater I finished a week or so ago is posted below in the previous post, Four Months Flying By. These little green socks are for my sister, BZ, who just found out she's expecting her first child. I am so happy that our children will be near in age. I hope they are close cousins.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Four Months Flying By

I'm happy to say that for me the wait is flying by. This past month I've felt so near to my daughter. I love preparing for her. I've been knitting this sweater for Apple and it's taken about four weeks.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

What to Expect the First Month Home

This was the title of the class I took at my agency today, facilitated by the social worker who did my homestudy. It was cool to see her again. It was the largest class attendance so far, with at least 50 people in one relatively small room. They even ran out of chairs.

There were three families with their little ones telling us their experiences. Some of the topics included:

Jet lag
Health issues for themselves and their child
Developmental issues of their child
Sleep issues
Getting into a routine
Choosing a pediatrician
The first doctor visit
...and more

Thanks to reading so many blogs, I didn't hear anything I haven't read several times over and I feel as prepared as anyone can possibly be ahead of time.

I get slammed with jet lag when travelling back from Asia but do pretty well from the U.S. to Asia. If Apple and I can get on the same time while in China, I hope that when we come home our jet lag matches so that we can sleep at the same time and be awake at the same time. I don't care what times that happens by the clock as long as we both manage to get some sleep. If it doesn't work out that way, I'm sure I'll have a reliable stream of babysitters willing to come over while I take a nap.

My biggest worry is that we are both healthy and whoever travels with me, most likely my sister, BZ, will be healthy for the entire trip.

After classes at my agency I have a little ritual. I go to lunch at Fresh Choice and all-you-can-eat healthy buffet, then walk through a great outdoor mall looking in all the baby stores. Today I bought a little onesie on sale at Gymboree for under $5 and three pairs of socks, also on sale. Usually I don't buy anything, just look. Then, I go to my favorite store, Bellini. It's very nice, upscale, and they know me there now, and are very nice, so I get greeted enthusiastically as a waiting mom, which feels great and is exciting.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

eBaying: verb, To Shop on eBay Like Crazy!

I'm at it again, but with great consciousness. I found what I love, what I must have just because I love it, and made a list. I reviewed my list every day, and trimmed it here and there according to how things were going. I decided ahead of time what my maximum price will be. And then I BID, and BID, and BID, and BID and I WON, and WON, and WON, and WON!

Here is a little sample:

All of these pieces are Gymboree in like new or NWT (new with tags) condition. I bought a few things in size 12 months, some in size 24 months and the blue set I have various pieces of in sizes 12 months to 5 years, basically every two sizes she'll have the same mix-'n-match pieces. That's how much I LOVE this Paris Kitty line. I have a couple more auctions to go and then I'll have what I want and I'll be hoping that Apple will like it, too.