Wednesday, August 8, 2007

eBaying: verb, To Shop on eBay Like Crazy!

I'm at it again, but with great consciousness. I found what I love, what I must have just because I love it, and made a list. I reviewed my list every day, and trimmed it here and there according to how things were going. I decided ahead of time what my maximum price will be. And then I BID, and BID, and BID, and BID and I WON, and WON, and WON, and WON!

Here is a little sample:

All of these pieces are Gymboree in like new or NWT (new with tags) condition. I bought a few things in size 12 months, some in size 24 months and the blue set I have various pieces of in sizes 12 months to 5 years, basically every two sizes she'll have the same mix-'n-match pieces. That's how much I LOVE this Paris Kitty line. I have a couple more auctions to go and then I'll have what I want and I'll be hoping that Apple will like it, too.

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