Monday, September 24, 2007

First Bay Cup Tournament

I am The Fencing Mama! I got third place (out of 21) at my first fencing tournament of the season today. This is a picture of my actual medal while I'm wearing it. I set the camera on my kitchen table and set the timer. The medals this year are quite pretty and I just noticed a touch of China on them. On the left is the TransAmerica Building, in the middle the Golden Gate Bridge, and on the left, a fencing mask with a Yin and Yang underneath as a sort of neck.

It was gratifying to place (I love getting medals!) since I haven't competed at all since last December, pre-adoption. After my tournament, the under 14 girls were arriving and many of them are Chinese and look like 7 year-olds, even though most were 12. All I could think about was Apple and the interests I'm going to support her in, whatever they turn out to be. I watched the mothers cheering their daughters on and knew that one day I'll be doing the same thing.

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