Monday, September 24, 2007

Hats I've Knit

Doesn't Sammy make a lovely hat model? He's such a good kitty to do almost anything I ask of him, no matter how silly. This hat is made from the Ann Norling pattern, but I found a free pattern online that is virtually identical by putting "knit strawberry hat pattern" into the Google search engine.

With this second hat, Sammy started to get the hang of really posing. If it wasn't for the flash in his eyes, I could have posted a variety of darling poses he struck. This hat was from a pattern I found HERE but after making the strawberry hat, I knew I needed to make some changes, so here is the same pattern but with the changes I made:

Lilly's Hat
(bits in brackets I added)
Yarn: scraps of Lamb's Pride worsted [sport weight]
Needles: US size 10.5 [U.S. size 4] circulars and dpns. Switch to dpns whenever it becomes necessary.
Cast on 224 [1-2 yr. 336 or multiples of 7], and join.
Round 1: K2tog
Round 2: k2tog
Total 56 [84] stitches remain
Knit until hat measures about 3.25" [5.5"] including ruffle.
Decrease for the crown as follows:
Decrease round 1: (k2tog, k5) repeat to end.
Round 2: Knit
Round 3: (k2tog, k4) repeat to end.
Round 4: Knit
Round 5: (k2 tog, k3) repeat to end.
Round 6: Knit
Round 7: (k2tog, k2) repeat to end.
Round 8: Knit
Round 9: (k2tog, k1) repeat to end.
Round 10: Knit
Round 11: K2 tog
[Round 12: K2 tog]
Thread yarn through remaining stitches and pull to close.

Make 2 flowers using this free pattern from Sarah's Yarn Box. Make 1 starting with a 6-stitch cast on and 1 starting with a 4-stitch cast on. Sew them onto hat. Weave in all ends.

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Eliza2006 said...

What cute hats! You are very talented!