Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Max Update #2

Max stayed at the vet all day yesterday. The only way I could get him in was to do a "medical drop-off." This means that I leave him there and when the doctor has time during the day, she sees him. Otherwise, I'd have had to wait over a week for an appointment and he might not have lasted that long.

The verdict is a worsening in his anemia and with the prescribed treatment, his prognosis is considered "fair" and the vet assured me that there is a lot of life left in him.

So, despite carrying around a pound of fluid in his back legs and belly, which makes him look like a hard-working Asian bovine (you know, back bone sticking out but with enormous fat sides), and sleeping by his water bowl 24/7, and having to be force-fed (and I mean FORCED), and giving him massage and passive movement therapy, I'm not to worry.

What I am to do, is still give him 4 pills a day, give him sub-cutaneous fluids EVERY day, and three times a week give him a shot of Epogen, a human drug to make the bones make red blood cells. This is given in a tiny sub-cutaneous injection and I did the first one last night and think I missed and shot it right through him, like piecing an ear but on the back of his neck. The reason I think I missed is that a few minutes after giving him the injection I pet him and felt a drop of moisture. Since I'm not possitive, though, I have to wait until Friday to give his next dose, which I will do at 12am, so technically it's Friday, but is the soonest I can repeat the medication so it can do it's good work.

The swelling is supposed to be cured once Max isn't anemic any more. My exhausted, brain, dwelling numbly in my cold-fighting, sleep-deprived, exhausted body, vaguely recalls the vet mentioning something about fluid differential over cell membranes and anemia...

In the photo above, Sammy took a break from harassing Rose (after I scolded him) to keep Max company and try to cheer him up. When gently batting at Max's feet caused Max to turn his back on Sammy, Sammy gave up and took up his position again on the computor monitor.


wzgirl said...

Wow. You are some kind of super furbaby mama. Max is fortunate to have you. I hope that you are feeling better and have more energy to get Max through this crisis. I'll keep a good thought for you guys. XO

Eliza2006 said...

Poor Max. What a beautiful cat! He is lucky to have you.