Monday, September 24, 2007

Max Update

Max is not doing well. In the past five days, he's gained a pound in fluid that has swollen his belly. I did some online research and have adjusted his medications back down to the smaller doses he was first on, hoping to reduce the side effects he is experiencing. If this doesn't work, and the vet has no better treatment, I will take him off of everything and let Nature take over. I would rather have a shorter time with Max feeling better than a longer time with him feeling miserable. The feeling bad began for him when I put him on all these pills. Until then, he was just very skinny, but he still ate and acted like himself, but slower. Now he doesn't eat but a tiny bite or two and he's starting to hate me because I've been force-feeding him (inappetance is a side effect of the meds, so is not being able to taste, upset stomach and nausea) and he's been camped out in the kitchen by his food bowl for four days. I put a blanket there, but it's heartbreaking. He wants to eat, but can't make himself do it.

Last night he jumped up on my lap and settled for a nice snooze, which was nice for both of us.

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