Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Weird Adoption Dreams

Have any of you waiting moms out there had any adoption dreams? I've had three, but only recall two at the moment. They both fell along similar lines which is strange considering the amount of baby stuff I have...

Dream 1: I went to China to pick up my daughter and didn't bring a single thing with me for her, not a bottle, diaper or a single stitch of clothing. Fortunately, other families pitched in and gave me some things. Strangely enough, no one thought there was anything wrong with not having brought any baby things.

Dream 2: I discovered that my daughter was already in the U.S. in foster care and that I could go and visit her. I went and was surprised that the family said I could take her home then and there. Needless to say, I didn't have anything with me for her. Also in this dream, she was 28 months old and quite robust. I picked her up into my arms and she didn't cry and I remember thinking that she's much older than I expected but that I'm sure I'd love her anyway.

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Beverly said...

I had several waiting pre-referral dreams and in every one I was running the wrong way to her. Oh and she was around 3 instead of the 13 months at referral.