Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hey Y'all

I need some comments! I'm feeling very isolated. My grandmother has begun the process of passing away. She's 95. I'm feeling very sad and alone right now. I've read many blogs of those who have lost loved ones and pets during their wait and now it's happening to me. I can see that we are at the time of life when we see the end of the life cycle more and more and our little children are the next beginning, bringing renewal, hope and energy.

I'm leaving to go back down to Fresno tomorrow. I'm taking my own car because I need to take my cats with me. I don't have anyone to take care of them for the extended weekend on such short notice. At least, one person has offered, but she has never done it before so I don't feel comfortable having her try for so many days. It's not a matter of pouring some kibble into a bowl, my cats eat raw food that I make and freeze, and they each must eat their own in their own places or my hearty eaters will eat their own portion of food and then the food from my kitties who like to graze for a bit. Please send up a prayer that my car gets me there and back safely (3 hour drive). There wasn't time to get a rental since I had been planning to take the Amtrak and stay only one night and the next day.

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Salome's Mom said...

I am so sorry Kimi. I hope your faith is a source of strength for you in these times.