Thursday, November 29, 2007

I've got Flu :(

I'm down with the flu: fever, aches, chills, stuffiness. It's day four today and the worse so far. Please pray that my grandmother doesn't get it!

She's back in Fresno after spending three hectic days with me before Thanksgiving getting her eyes and hearing aids checked. I was with her for 9 straight days and now that I've left, she's depressed, not eating and being mean and calling names. Tomorrow, a cousin will arrive in Fresno, perhaps she'll cheer up then.

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, my Aunty and I got her dressed up and I took her to church for an hour. She was grateful, even though she slept through the last 30 minutes of the hour.

It's been an unusual twist in my life to switch my immediate focus off of Apple and onto my grandmother. I still make it a point to look at baby things in the stores I go into so I can keep thoughts of Apple near when I'm not at home.


Beverly said...

Sorry to hear you are sick. Hope you feel better soon.

dimari said...

I would so nice if the agency send a group of singles, when I went to vietnam, it was all singles and we had a blast all living the same experience and the same time. I hope it happen again, motherhood has been the great joy in my life, you'll see.