Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I accepted Catherine's Christmas Tree Challenge and had so much fun. I've not had a tree since 9/11, the first two years because of the event and in the years after that, because I didn't have room for one. Well, I just spent two weeks completely rearranging my furniture and getting a few new things to make my home ready for my daughter. I've had it set up in a non-traditional way to give my daycare maximum room but I've now reclaimed my home for Apple and me.
I couldn't find a decent tree topper and I either got rid of my old one or can't find one of my boxes of decorations where they might be. I saw these butterflies at the craft store and use them instead. This is my main tree in the livingroom at night.

I have a second little tree, another real tree, in my bedroom so my grandmother, who is with me again, can see it. I'll try to take some close-up photos of my favorite ornaments later and post them.


wzgirl said...

OH! I Love your Butterfly Tree Topper - that is very beautiful and just about exactly the kind of thing that I'd do. Happy Holidays to you and your beloved grandmother - I hope that you both are enjoying.


Catherine said...

What pretty trees!

I've added you to the Christmas Tree Challenge. Thanks for participating in the fun!