Sunday, January 13, 2008

Been Shopping - Love Those Sales!

Whenever I go to the store, I always look at the baby things and this time, being Christmas and New Year, the sales were fantastic! I had no idea because I usually shop for used things. All the things in the photos look better if you click on them and view them larger.

It's amazing how my taste has changed now that I'm shopping for a little Asian girl instead of a Caucasian. I'm definitely more into reds and a little more funkiness. I have rather classic tastes but have always loved the European bright colors and playfulness.

I also bought some things for my sister, who is having her first child, a boy, in April. I won't post them until next month, after her shower, in case she reads this.

This first set will be coming to China with me unless my daughter is very tiny. I'm so glad to have found a panda themed set that I adore. It's from Gymboree and it was on sale, but only the first round of discounts, so I still paid quite a lot. I earned a lot of Gymbucks, though, so I'll be going back in a week. This is also the first blanket I've bought for my daughter.

The next two pictures are things from Mervyn's. The brown pants and floral top are a generous size 24 months. The stripey legging sets have an 18m top and size 12m and 18m leggings. The pants seem to always run big compared to the tops so I was sure to cover myself. The knit pieces in these two sets were $4.99 and $5.99 and the brown pants were around $8.

Target was my next shopping stop after seeing the following things on one of my daycare kids. I got them in size 18m and another white sweater and heart top in size 5. The Gymboree pants from the panda set actually go great with the heart top. The pants have tiny multi-colored dots going around the ankle of the legs. This top also looks great with jeans and an assortment of leggings.

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Kim said...

Oohh, I like all those a lot, especially the panda stuff. I've tried really hard to stay out of Gymboree, I have a gift card to use in there for $20. Like I can get out of there for $20? lol