Sunday, January 20, 2008

January Sales Final Fashion Show

This set is from 2 different Babies R Us, the brand is Koala Kids. They have good clothing sales even though the quality isn't the highest. The first store had the overalls and jacket and the second had the blouse (bodysuit), socks and bib. The sweater and top are 100% cotton and the overalls are 70% cotton / 30% polyester soft knit cord. I bought all the pieces in size 12 months except the jacket which is size 18 months so it'd fit comfortably over everything.

All of this is from the Carter's Outlet. The yellow dress in the middle also has little panties. All are size 9 months, but rather large. This store allows unlimited returns, even if the items have been washed and are two years old. I will not remove the tags and will keep the receipt, until I get my referral, in case I do return them. I figure I'll bring these to China as the Guangzhou outfits. In China everything given to the laundry service is washed in very, very hot water. I won't mind if these things get washed and, perhaps, ruined a bit, by washing in such hot water, but I wouldn't risk it with my nicer brand stuff. I have jackets and sweaters already that I'll add to this when I pack.

Of course, I don't know what province Apple will be coming from, or what season it will be, so don't know what I'll be bringing for the first week's worth of clothing.

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Salome's Mom said...

Those are lovely and Apple is very fortunate. Retail therapy was what got me through me first adoption.