Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Hat Dance

My Aunty is in town as we are leaving tomorrow for Hawaii for my grandmother's burial. It's taken this long because she's being buried in the national cemetery at Punchbowl, where my grandfather was laid to rest, and they don't do burials on weekends or holidays and this was the soonest they could do it. I'll return Sunday.

Tonight we shopped for my aunty's grandchildren who live in Hawaii, and when we got to Babies R Us, this outfit I've been wanting and saw yesterday at full price, finally was on sale. Bad news, it wasn't in the size I wanted, but, the far away store did have it. I had it put on hold and we raced down, 25 miles or so, and while there, I also checked out the sale racks, then the sale accessories rack. Then I saw it... The hat that I knew had to exist that matches the outfit with the white overalls and ribbon embroidery. I was so excited! It wasn't as much as that I got the hat, butt hat my designer instincts told me that one had to exist, and it did! It's quite cute. I'll post a picture later and one of the new outfit when I return.

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