Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Finally Understand Retail Therapy

It's what I did for one week straight to keep my mind occupied with happy thoughts and keep my mind off grieving, which hits me off and on in quiet moments. I had to go by the mortuary to finish up some paperwork today concerning my grandmother and felt great going in, but the smell of the airfresheners is torture for me and just being there triggered something and as I left, my grief came up a bit.

The post-holiday sales have been phenomenal, I had no idea! Old Navy had the best deals, not necessarily the best quality, but a discerning shopper can really make out well there. Here's a list of the places I hit:

Old Navy - 3 different ones
Gymboree - 2
Nordstrom Rack
Carter's Outlet
Target - 2
Children's Place

I didn't set out deliberately to go to several different Old Navy stores or Target stores, but they are everywhere so if I was at, say Mervyn's, then I went into the Old Navy nearby. If I was at Carter's, I went next door to Old Navy.

I have been having a feeling that I needed to buy smaller things, so at the Carter's outlet today I bought 9 months sizes, which are still rather large, even accounting for shrinkage. I can return the items at any time if I change my mind, even two years from now, even if I've washed them. However, I'm leaving the tags on everything so I can return or eBay them, if needed, once I get my referral. I was buying at Carter's mostly with Guangzhou's hot, humid weather in mind. I'll post pictures later.

Oh, I wouldn't have gone to Carter's except I'm on the email list and have been receiving coupons for a few months now and figured I'd use one. Same with my very first Gymbucks, made me go back for more. Yes, the marketing experts at Gymboree are good.

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