Sunday, January 20, 2008

Now Leaving the Biological Perspective...

Last October I posted this about when my due dates would be if I was pregnant when I had my first agency appointment or from when my dossier was logged in with CCAA. Well, if I'd conceived on my LID date, today would be my due date. Two weeks from now, when I'd be considered by western doctors to be "over due," I will finally have left any semblance of human biological procreation, at least in the time-line department. I feel like I should have a sign that reads, "Caution: Now entering the Elephant Stage."

Interestingly enough, I often wear my hair braided like this Midge doll.

This Midge is THE controversial pregnant Midge doll whose belly, complete with a little baby inside, attaches to a flat tummy with magnets. I often played that my Barbies were pregnant and had to use cotton balls up a loose jumper dress to make them look pregnant. I didn't really play out the birth part because I didn't know much about it beyond where the baby came out. The controversy among the "attachment" parenting group was that they didn't want their children to believe birth was as easy as removing a plastic tummy, or, they felt it supported and/or encouraged cesareans.

Well, my daughter will get to play with pregnant Midge, her husband Alan, their son and grandparent dolls along with a ton of little kid Barbies of all sizes, boys and girls and other adult Barbies, also ethnic ones, that make up a whole realistically representative Barbie world community. I was even thinking that I have enough little kid Barbies that my daughter could even play "orphanage" if she thinks of it, and that it'd be a good way to find out what she thinks and feels about it by how she plays it out.

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Salome's Mom said...

I have never seen those dolls. I think they are great.