Friday, February 15, 2008

Celebrating The Double Digits

Celebrating my 10 month LID anniversary with a fashion show beginning with the infamous $1.85 dress by Koala Kids. A peachy-pink chennille with maribou trim, and antique white lace at the hem, deceptively simple on the hanger, but richly elegant and comfortable when worn; very, very soft for those cuddly moments to come (size 24m and 12m).

This dreamy dress also matches with the sweater from the Koala Kids overall outfit seen here. Be sure to click on these pictures to see them up close, where the texture of the fabrics can be seen in detail. It's the fabric textures, as well as the styles, that make these outfits stand out.

Also included in today's fashion show is an outfit I waited for patiently and nearly missed by less than 24 hours of it going on sale. It's also by Koala Kids (I loved their holiday line this year) in a peachy-pink velour (nikky, to my European readers) with a brown faux fur trim and velvet ribbon (size 24m).

As I become an expert sale shopper, I also become "haunted" by various pieces lingering on the store shelves. This 100% cotton sweater by Mulberry Bush is one such item. After the fourth trip to Nordstrom Rack and seeing it still there, I also noticed a new item, these black/floral french terry/lycra pants by Pumpkin Patch. The sweater was $14.97, marked down from a whopping $54.00, and the pants were $5.97 marked down from $22.50 (size 3).

Last in my 10 month celebratory line today, is one that I think will be a favorite. This cotton two-piece by Rabbit Moon, a division of Le Top, from their 2006 introductory line, will be perfect on my little Apple with the delicate blossom print and coordinating stripes.

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Catherine said...

Adorable!!! Thanks for sharing your cute little outfits with us and congrats on your 10th LIDiversary!!