Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cloth Diaper Gallery

I am a supporter of cloth diapering. I believe that by using cloth diapers, I am protecting children and the environment, as well as saving a significant amount of money. I designed and sewed this diaper shown on the left, a Side-Snapping PooPockets Diaper.

The purpose of this post is to introduce you to modern cloth diapering and inform you that there are benefits to using cloth diapers vs. disposable diapers. There are many websites offering information on cloth diapering that can be found using any internet search engine. Since this post is by way of being an introduction, I'll leave it up to you to research further if you are interested.

I designed this pictorial for my New Conceptions website to highlight some of the benefits. To view it at the proper size, please click on it. This baby is not a professional model and the photo is not staged. It was taken by a friend of mine while out doing her laundry one day with her son.

There are many different styles of cloth diapers that fall into six categories:

Flat fold, Prefold, Contour, Fitted, Pocket n' Stuffer and All-In-One

Example photos of diapers in each of these categories can be seen by clicking here.

To view step-by-step photos of me diapering a newborn with a variety of cloth diapers, click here. There are other links on this page to follow if you are interested in seeing more.

Now the fun part, pictures!

Some are from my own website and others are from various websites that I'll not list because I'm endorsing overall cloth diapering, not a particular brand or company, though I admit an obvious bias toward my own!

Prefold with pins, the diapers of yesterday, but still practical today.
These diapers can also be used pinless with a Snappi or velcro cover.

PooPockets Orignal One-size and Tiny PooPockets, my own designs.

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Snowflake diaper cover by Hayseeds

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