Thursday, February 28, 2008

Did I Used to Do That?

Seriously, this is me, and I still do this as part of my fencing warm-up!

I had this image of bundling Apple into the pram and walking to my fencing club and fencing while she played. Once I took time off for the paperchase, though, I never came back quite as strong. It was the first time in 5 1/2 years I'd taken time off from fencing.

The picture above is my instructor giving me a lesson. The move is called a flancconade (rhymes with lemonade) and a professional photographer for a newspaper was at the club that day and shot this photo. The position is near perfect, my instructor's blade is completely trapped by mine and running exactly parallel with my arm. In the background, you can see my lunge in the mirror. I am not wearing a fencing jacket. Many clubs require them at all times, but for my lessons I'm not required to wear one.

From October to December, I still competed despite going out-of-town on the weekends to be with my grandmother. By the time she came to live with me, the club was closed for the holidays and when it re-opened, she'd just passed away and I took January off to grieve and catch up on work and attend the funeral. The few times I did manage to go, there wasn't anyone else there practicing.

Now, the qualifying tournament for Summer Nationals in looming. I wish I was more motivated and definitely in better condition. My endurance is nil. With all the rain we've had for the past several months, I didn't even get out to walk as I usually do, so I'm a cardiovascular wimp now.

I told myself that this year would be my "last hurrah" as a competitive fencer before motherhood, but, honestly, since beginning the adoption, I haven't been interested in doing anything that doesn't revolve around preparing for my daughter's arrival. Only when I was taking care of my TuTu did thoughts of Apple take a backseat.

I'm pretty bothered by this lack of motivation. I'm a person who sets a goal and accomplishes it. I'm a person who used to put in 14 hours a week, at least, fencing, either sparring, practicing or having lessons. On the other hand, fencing is recreation, a sport, not anything as important as building a family. Then again, I believe it's super important to stay fit and healthy, as a mother and, especially, as a single mother.

Anyway, these are my ramblings of the thoughts in my head. I did a 30 minute practice last night and I've been keeping up with my weekly lesson, which I have tonight. For fun, the picture below was taken at my club, but it wasn't a fencing move. It's a very basic sport acrobatic move. Did I mention that I used to do gymnastics? I LOVE gymnastics! I still do cartwheels regularly and I was 36 when I last did an aerial.


Rick said...

Hi! A very nice post. Please say hello to Harold for me. Life has taken over my schedule and I have yet to return to the salle - it has been 7-8 months now.
Thank you for all of your sharing!

K said...

Hi, Rick,

It's good to hear from you. Things have been very slow at the salle. How are your girls? I hope to see you at the salle when you get a break.