Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Feel Like a Thief

Any time I'm near Babies R Us I always stop in to check the sales racks. I have been in there so many times that I've memorized all the stuff - really. Last week, I bought a little knit dress that I've had my eye on since before Christmas. It was originally $29.99 and then went down to $20.99 and then another 30% off to about $14 so I finally bought it. Trouble was, the only one was size 12m. I bought it anyway and swore I wouldn't go driving to all the Babies R Us stores within 60 miles to hunt up a larger sized one. Well, tonight I had a great excuse to go to the one 20 miles down the road, I needed to look at screen doors at Lowes. I looked and looked through all the racks and didn't see one (I brought the little one so I could exchange it if I found a larger one), then, on a rack of just Wendy Bellissimo stuff, I saw it. Then I gasped, for there was a size 24m and the price tag read $2.00. I did NOT make a typo, it was written by hand on a pink clearance tag $2.00 and that was it. I took it up to the register, where I was instantly recognized and asked about my adoption progress (see, go in often enough and one doesn't need tummy bump to be recognized as a waiting mom) and I asked if this price was for real. The girl nodded, but looked confused and started punching register buttons. After a moment, she called the manager over and I thought to myself that they might accuse me of writing such a ridiculous price tag myself. But, nope, this wasn't it. The girl needed the code to ring it up with the Valentine sale special of 30% off all clearance stuff. I told the man I didn't mind paying a full two dollars and that he needed give her the code and that I already felt like a thief. They both laughed indulgently at me and then I paid a whole $1.85 (that was the real total with tax) and raced out the door before someone decided they'd made a mistake. Now I have two gorgeous little dresses, exactly the same but in two different sizes and I'm very happy.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, I didn't buy a screen door. I didn't like any that I saw or any of the prices. When I got home I had a good look at the one I had and fixed it. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my drill? The door, by the way, is 16 years old and the cheapest the store carried. At the time, the salesman said to me, "Miss, this is a very cheap door. It's not going to last you 2 years."

Haha, mister, it's 16 going on more! What happened was that the metal (sort of like a tin can) ripped away where the top hinge was riveted on. However, I noticed there was more metal under the ripped bit since the ripped bit was actually a sort of sleeve used to make the door adjustable as to fit in the door frame. I removed the hinge, drilled three holes just under the rivets, drilled three tiny guide holes to correspond on the door, attached the two with three used screws I removed from an ancient baby gate before throwing it away a few months ago, reattached the hinge to the door frame, removed the shim that properly spaced the door latch (because the door hange further over now because of how the metal tore and the screw heads) and, voila, fixed!

Did I mention I did this at 10:30pm? Reason? I didn't realize that my cat Sammy had escaped. My neighbor tapped on my door and Sammy was standing beside her on the doorstep. She said she saw the skinny man-cat on her porch and didn't recognize him as mine because she thought of mine as being much larger, but when she asked her husband if he thought it might be Kimi's, the cat recognized my name and started back to my door. She followed and tapped on my door to let me know he was ready to come in. He's strictly an indoor cat, but "forgets" sometimes. Clever boy to recognize my name with 5 little kids calling it all day long, I guess even a cat can figure out what it means. After all, he knows his own name and that of the other cats.

If there are a zillion typos or missing words in this post, it's becaue it's 2:30am, or so, and I'm tired, but wired. My TuTu was on my mind today and I'm missing her.

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Catherine said...

Oooo...would like to see a picture of your beautiful dress!