Monday, February 4, 2008

Referrals This Month

CCAA matched babies to parents whose dossiers had an LID up to Dec. 27, 2005. This means that next month, we might get through the rest of 2005. It will be nice to see a 2006 after the next date. However there have been some cases where CCAA has only matched two days worth of dates in a whole month, so I'm prepared for anything. I'm still going with the flow and enjoying it.

This week I will finally be all caught up with work. I even sent out a few thank you notes and very belated holiday greeting cards. I still have more to do and I've not even begun the paperwork for my business for taxes.

My goal this week is to declutter all the piles of papers around my place before I drown in them. Is there anyone out there who would care to take the "Declutter Challenge" with me this week? Should we photograph our before and afters?

I spent all day and most of the night on Saturday working. I went to church Sunday morning and it's now just after 5am Monday morning and I've still not gone to bed yet. However, I did make catfood, a 3 1/2 hour endeavor I undertake once a month, and I finished organizing my patterns for New Conceptions, printed some articles on the storms in China for my daughter's lifebook, and more.

The only relaxation I had was to sit and watch one video, interrupted by laundry, in the wee hours of Monday morning.

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Kim said...

Boo! I've tagged you in a meme :)