Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Orphaned" Dolls

I love dolls. I know I've mentioned this before. Even as a child I was personally offended if I saw anyone, adult or child, abusing their doll, especially making it go naked and dirty and with the hair messed up.

As an adult, I can rarely pass up a doll in a thrift shop if I know it's a good one. I recently decluttered a large limited edition naked Lee Middleton doll that I got for $5 by donating it to the yearly indoor flea market type sale to benefit the Oakland Museum called the White Elephant Sale. I had intended to eBay it, but in a year I didn't get around to it, so out it went!

At about the same time, I found a Berenguer doll for a couple bucks at the local thrift shop and "rescued" it. It's for my daycare kids because it is a non-sexed doll and I needed another boy doll. After several weeks, I finally made it some clothes and I'm super happy with the whole outfit, especially the shirt. Shirts are hard to make for dolls because of their weird proportions and Berenguers are particularly difficult because they have a very wide neck and shoulders less than half an inch. It finally occurred to me to make a shirt with raglan sleeves, eliminating a measurable shoulder altogether.

For some reason Baby "B" looks a little jaundiced around the torso.

Spiffy new duds!

    · Diaper: free-handed (diapers are my specialty),
    · Shirt: graded down from my own preemie pattern and made
      several alterations
    · Pants: graded down my preemie pants pattern about 2 1/2 sizes
      (pants are also my specialty)
    · Hat: exact preemie hat from my pattern Baby Essentials
    · Booties: Kwik Sew pattern, graded down and adjusted

Happy Baby!

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kerflop said...

You're such a talented seamstress!