Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Apple's First Baby Book

I forgot to mention that one of my daycare kids "graduated" up to preschool. I watched him for two years. His mom and dad are great people. They've been supportive and excited about my adoption from the start, giving me large holiday bonuses (they were the first to do so in 10 years of doing daycare), and selling me their Ergo baby carrier for a great price. On their son's last day they gave me some little gifts and one of them was an adoption memory book for Apple called My Family, My Journey. It was wrapped in celophane so I couldn't read it, and knew they couldn't either, but once I opened it, I was very pleased because it's perfectly appropriate for a single mom and I'm betting it was put together by someone who adopted from China.

The cover is very simple and unisex, as you can see, but it was very well thought out. The only reference it makes to two parents is by saying "we" and "our" in places, like, "Our hopes and dreams for you," but it never says "mom" or "dad" so it's okay for single parent families. Instead of having baby's first year, starting from newborn, it has one through twelve months of pages for "Your First Year With Us" and "Your First Birthday With Us." It even has two pages for "Your Adoption Buddies."

Besides this book, I've kept a detailed journal and I'm putting together a Life Book. The Life Book is red suede with 12" x 12" pages. When I come across intersting news articles about China I print and save them, especially if it's about the one child policy. I kept some lucky money in a red envelope from my first FCC BTNYs party and a decoration from my first FCC Autumn Moon Festival dinner. Once I receive my referral, I'll find out all I can about Apple's life before we met and put it into her Life Book.

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Angie said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog...knowing more singles adopting is great! It's quite a road! Glad we can walk it "together!"
God bless - Angie