Thursday, April 10, 2008

Moment of Despair

We imagine a nursery, buy a few things, add a crib, the bedding, a dresser, find a nice bookshelf, perhaps refinish a few used pieces and voila, a beautiful room. My reality is that I run two businesses out of my 700 square foot apartment. When I began my paperchase, I actually moved most of one business into a commercial office, all the sewing stuff.

The daycare playroom, spruced up for my dossier picture.
Notice Velvet on the tunnel.

I had the livingroom set up as the daycare playroom, my bedroom had two daycare cribs in it and the second bedroom was my livingroom and where the cats went to escape the kids. It was GREAT having the playroom in the livingroom. The windows are low so there was plenty of natural light and the kids could watch for their parents coming to pick them up. I could be in the kitchen and know exactly what was going on. The major downside was that when I had guests, they came in the front door and had no place to sit. I could drag them through to the livingroom, but if I was in the kitchen, we couldn't talk. The livingroom in the bedroom also became the "catch all" room. It was a chilly room so I didn't like to be in there except in the summer.

The dilemma I had was this: Do I...
Share a bedroom with Apple?
Each of us have a bedroom of our own?
Do what with the daycare?

I kept praying about it and in early December, I suddenly knew how to arrange everything to accommodate my grandmother, me, the daycare and have a nice livingroom where it was supposed to go. After moving everything, I breathed a huge sigh of relief because it looked so nice and was functional.

After my grandmother died, I rearranged my bedroom again and it never felt right. I bought a used IKEA crib to make into a toddler loft bed so another daycare kid could sleep underneath it, but last Monday when I got it built and moved everything around, it was awful and I realized that the way I wanted the room to be for Apple and I wasn't going to work out. I sat in the middle of my room, in the middle of the night (because that's when I finally finished) and felt like crying. Exhausted, I said, "I can't think of this tonight," and I went to bed. Moving my furniture, by myself, isn't as easy as it should be because I have my bed on risers and under the bed is where I store tons of business stuff so I have to drag that stuff all around, too.

Tuesday, I prayed about things and left it all in Heavenly Father's hands. He's the one who is giving me Apple and He wouldn't do it if I didn't have a nice place for her. Tuesday night, I had another go at moving things around. I put my bed back in my favorite position, the same place I'd moved it to for my grandmother, and then things started falling into place. I can now see how Apple and I will fit into one room (booting out the daycare bunkbed) and it will look nice and be roomy enough.

Huge sigh of relief!

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