Tuesday, May 6, 2008

All Those Dossiers!

I keep looking at those pictures of CCAA's shelves full of dossiers. To me each one represents a child. When I see them stacked like all I can think about is the thousands of children they represent. Inside those pages are families who will receive these children. Many of these families are complaining bitterly about the wait, condemning China. I get very angry thinking about that. China doesn't have to allow anyone to adopt their children. It's a miracle every time an American or foreign family boards a plane out of Hong Kong or Beijing, taking one of China's children with them.

On the other hand, there are many families who share my views and are waiting with eager, happy anticipation for the referral of the child that will become their own.

I wake up each day and marvel at the adoption process I'm living. I go to bed each night thinking about China and the United States and the people living in these countries. People are not politics. How many citizens in the U.S. can't stand our current president and disagree with his policies? How many citizens of China do you think wish their government was different than it is? How many children are dying of basic neglect* in the United States, how many die of abuse every year, how many suffer, wishing to die? How many children are suffering in China or in other places throughout the world?

We are all the same. We are born, we live and we die and what we do during our lives is the same. We eat, sleep, feel, work, cry, suffer loss, celebrate good and so much more.

Today I am thankful for The Wait because it means that I will soon be a mother and that a little girl who may not even be born yet will become a daughter to a woman, me, far, far away. I am thankful to whoever it is in China who opened the door to international adoption in spite of political and cultural differences and to CCAA for keeping that door open. I am thankful to have found these pictures of CCAA online because it has humbled me even more to the enormity of the fantastic miracle that adoption, particulary international adoption, is.

*In the United States 3,000 children die each year due to BASIC neglect, about the same number of people who were killed in the World Trade Center disaster. Are we mourning them? Are we making movies about them? Are we building monuments to remember them?

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