Friday, May 16, 2008

The House is a MESS!

In high school, one of my English teachers took a summer course in creative writing and brought what she'd learned into the classroom for us. I love to write so I was looking forward to it. Our first assignment was a one pager entitled "The Room Was a Mess." Being teenagers, we each tried to write the horrors of what a teen's room could possibly be like, from "moldy week-old pizza glued to the plate residing under the unmade bed full of yesterday's crumbs" to "the stench emmanating from the mountain of laundry was gagging and frightening since, at any given moment, surely something so strong smelling could get up and attack."

Well, today my home tops it all, REALLY, and here are the pictures to prove it...

Before I take the following pictures, I need to find the extension cord I stole from the livingroom to add to the long chain of them that I connected in order to reach the front yard to operate the pool pump today. It's still in the wagon and I need it to plug the lamps back in so I can see.

You walk past this...

Step over this...

Just to get to the front door!
Even Rose is tired of the mess.

How did it get this way? Two tremendous heat waves requiring outdoor daycare time which means loads and loads of equipment, from the parachute to use as a sun shade, to the large Tupperware picture full of ice water, all the IKEA cups, a tray to hold it all, snacks, the potty-with-the-lid, toilet paper, towels, the liberated* wagon, rebounder, empty pool box, box I store the floaties and water pumps in, paperwork, kid table, fans, clothes that daycare moms forgot to take home, stroller chassis that has no place to go, printer that also has no place to go since it's perfect but obsolete, vacume (blows up the pool and cleans), variety of live cats, Strolli Rider (arrived vis DHL today), my winter mittens (I keep them on my fencing cart since I come out of fencing at 11pm and with the Bay Area fog, it's often colder than winter even in summer), however, they are on the floor because Sammy likes to attack them and drag them around like a kill, sun cabana, onion growing in a jar, and a variety of baby girl stuff hanging around everywhere (self explanatory). Add all this to five toddlers under the age of three, all using the potty (this means very frequent interuptions of, "Kiiiimeeeee, I'm duuuhhh'uuuun") and the fact that I have to set up and take down the front yard playground every day. I am TIRED!

I think my stove is under there.


Cat hair "dust bunnies" and the red book is a copy of theDeclaration
of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

And finally...The Living Room!

Tonight I went to Walmart for the essentials I wished I had today: 100 ft. extension cord (self explanatory), wheel to store it on, large sun umbrella that sticks into the ground, hair bows (for Apple, of course), more water wings since I have five little swimmers this year and only two sets of water wings, and I jealously eyed the foldable gazebos since one of them would offer me ultimate sun protection over the pool (they all looks too flimsy, I'll shop elsewhere for one), so my car looks like my home because I left all the packages inside, being too tired to carry them in at 11:30pm. My fencing gear is also still in the car because I went straight from my lesson to Walmart tonight.


*It was supposed to be used for passengers and perishable front yard necessities but ended up holding my second huge play structure until I found a second metal wagon and liberated it.

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