Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Got My Dream Crib

My last dream for my nursery came true today. I got Apple's crib! I've loved this crib from the beginning, I think even before I knew I'd be adopting. It's a Bellini crib, Danny model, in white. It's solid wood. The picture above is a Bellini stock photo and with all the bedding added it's hard to see the beauty of the crib. I'll set it up and take a picture with Apple's bedding in it tomorrow (later today, actually).

I really lucked out. I've been searching Craig's List for over a year waiting for one of these with the new hidden hardware in the side rails vs. the old hardware with two knobs you pull to lower the sides. There have been three older versions, two of them quite recently posted for $400.

I was browsing Craig's List late last night and saw an ad posted for a parking lot sale "under the white tent" beginning this morning and running for three days. I called them first thing this morning to ask if they had a Danny model in white and they said yes, for $499. I wasn't sure if I could make myself pay that much, although new it cost $899, but I went anyway and there is was.

The owner was telling me that she and her husband are taking classes to be foster parents and are about to begin their home-study. They are going to foster first and see about adoption next. She's always been so welcoming to me when I've come into the store, always asking about my adoption, even though I've only bought two small things - ever. Today that changed. She actually gave me a steal of a deal, out the door for exactly $450!!! I realize that's still a lot for a crib, and that Apple could be over a year old when I get her, but sometimes a mom just has to have that one dream luxury item and this was mine. It's the last things I needed for Apple.

Here's my total baby gear inventory:

Bellini Danny crib, new, floor model - $450
Kidsline Koko Bedding, excellent used condition - $91 (including shipping)
Emmaljunga Coronado pram, excellent used condition - $125
Maclaren Techno XLR, like new - $127
Britax Marathon carseat - Free
Amby Motion Bed/Hammock - $125
Variety of great clothes - Some new, most used - all great deals

For now, here are some stock photos of Apple's crib bedding:

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