Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Little Catch-up

I was able to clear the mess up over the next two days and even found my stove and cooked something. I survived the super-heat wave we had with only a bit of sunburn, which is now peeling. And, I competed in my 42nd fencing tournament last Sunday. No medal, but a respectable 8th place finish.

One of my daycare moms gave Apple her first Chinese "silk" outfit. She saw it while browsing for her own kids and couldn't resist buying it for me for Apple. I am very touched by the continuing support and special consideration other's have shown for me during my wait. It's all the more special to me because this single mom is on a VERY tight budget and has two children of her own. It's striking in real life, very vibrant, but not bright, if that makes sense.

I am entering my first week of peak training this week and I'm already super tired and I took tonight off to recover from the past three days and to heal from two super hard hits to my left collar bone from Monday. Peak training happens for the six weeks before a big tournament, in this case Summer Nationals. It involves doing the following training and practice items each week:

    · 2x - 3x aerobic fitness
    · 3x sparring practice
    · 2x - 3x endurance training
    · 2x individual lesson with coach
    · 2x - 3x skills practice

I get one day a week to rest, Sunday. As you can see, some things must be done on the same day to get it all in. I was going to due aerobics on the rebounder tonight but Aunt Flo is visiting and I just can't make myself do it.

I was so tired yesterday, that I returned one of my personal DVDs to the library along with the one I borrowed and left the other one that I'd borrowed on my table at home in plain site. Fortunately, when I went to the library first thing this morning, it was being held aside, and I got it without any problems.

Last for this update, here is a picture of my latest daycare gadget, the Bibi Swiss Strolli Rider attached to my Runabout stroller. I told the kids to "look at the fence" to hide their faces and I've blurred them, too, to keep them anonymous.

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