Thursday, June 5, 2008

Looking Forward To...

Mother-daughter outings, especially going out-to-eat. I imagine sitting across the table from her, giving her soft-serve icecream with sprinkles on top after she's eating all her dinner.

Apple's first trip to Ocean Beach, the first day visit and the first bonfine night visit.

Taking Apple to Ardenwood Farm and helping her pet the goats and the horses muzzle and seeing if she'll laugh at the sounds the pigs make while rooting in the mud.

Washing her up back to being sweet-smelling after she's vomited. Or worse.

Singing in the car.

Carrying her into the house after she's fallen asleep in the car.

Patching up a skinned knee.

Walks through the neighborhood.

Helping her make it over her head in her first forward roll (somersault).

Saying, "Yes, she's my daughter."

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