Friday, June 20, 2008

Maybe a House, Maybe a Dog

Before I started the actual adoption, but after I knew I'd be adopting, I started house-hunting and made a two year plan. It went like this:

1)Lessen debt,
2)Purchase home, have big daycare, and
3)Adopt Apple.

Things changed and I started the adoption first, and, of course, we all know the financial ramifications of international adoption. As a result, buying a home was out of the question. Unfortunately for me, a year and a half has now passed and I can't get the type of no money down loan I was going to get due to the current economic situation in the U.S.

Three weeks ago, though, that little voice that told me my daughter was in China told me to follow a sign to an open home. I resisted, I was on my way to see a movie, but after about the fourth time, did a u-turn just before the bridge that takes me out of my island town, and saw the house. It was perfect for my needs!

It's a modest home with a generous basement and yard - exactly what I need. Currently, I am researching and attending orientation meetings, as required, for every first-time home buyer grant and/or loan program I can find.

On top of this, my neighbors got a puppy several weeks ago and when I met him, I felt like saying to my neighbor, "What are you doing with MY dog?" The dog claimed me, too, clinging and not letting me go and following me instead of my neighbor. Every time I heard the dog I felt like rushing over and getting him. Three days ago I found out that my neighbor returned the puppy the friend he got him from. I told him to call right away and let the friend know that the dog is mine and I hope to pick him up on Sunday. However, the friend hasn't called my neighbor back yet.

It's the wrong time to get a dog, but when the dog chooses you, what can you do? Especially because I fell in love with the dog, too. I should add here that I've never loved a dog before and puppy breath gags me, but not this dog's. This is MY dog and I feel it.

I'd always said I'd have a dog if I had a home and especially if I have a child, for protection. My rule for Apple will be that she can go over to her friend's homes to play but she must bring her dog, even if it has to stay out on the porch. This way, if anyone tries messing with my child, the dog will, hopefully, guard Apple. I've read stories when dogs jump through windows to save children. Maybe this dog will be like that.

Part of me thinks I've finally gone over the deep end: 8 cats, 5 daycare kids, waiting to adopt, trying to buy a home and now a dog - in a two-bedroom apartment!

Please pray for me! I mean it sincerely, not jokingly. If I get this house, I will be hiring a woman from my church whose child I've been watching since March who was laid off from her job on the 89th day of the probation period for no reason, to be my daycare assistant. (The boss, I think, was prejudice.) She's a mom with a 9 yr. old daughter and nearly 2 yr. old son who divorced her husband (he wouldn't be responsible and hold down a job and kept leaving them for his friends). She's excellent with the kids, we have similar methods with the kids so there'd be consistancy, we work well together, I trust her, she'd get to be with her son all day and...she can have my apartment, which she needs very much.

So, not only will buying this home bless me and Apple, but another family, too.

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