Friday, June 27, 2008

My TuTu

TuTu, November 2007

Today is my TuTu's birthday, only I don't have her with me any more because she passed away this last January 3. I suddenly realized what a coincidence it is that I called my nana yesterday. I love feeling so close to both my grandmothers, both so far in different ways, but both so near, right in my heart.

"I love you, TuTu. I miss you. I hope you are proud of me and the things I'm doing with my life. I know what you'd say about all the things I'm doing; you'd say it boggles your brain. I often feel you looking down on me from Heaven. You know the things I'm trying to do right now in my life. If you can help from Heaven, I know you will. I'm grateful for all the things you've taught me. I know you're happy that I'm taking piano lessons and getting involved more at church. I'm going to Nationals next month. I know you'd be proud of that. I know I'll see you again some day, but it sometimes seems like such a long time to wait. Give my love to Pa and to my White (I'm sure she's up there, Max, too)."