Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Rough Stuff

Today I took four of my daycare kids, along with one mom, and my extra-large covered wagon, to a working historic farm called Ardenwood Farm. There are crops growing, a blacksmith making horseshoes, a one ton Belgian Draft Horse that pulls a five ton train car full of people, and plenty of goats, chickens, sheep, pigs, peacocks, cows, rabbits, and more.

We had a very rough start, the three-year-old got carseat before we even reached the freeway and vomited all over herself. It filled her carseat and only a little bit got on the seat of the car. We turned back and once home, I picked her up in the carseat, then took her out, hosed her off then bathed her properly in the tub, then put my fifth carseat in the car and off we went again, this time with a bowl on her lap. The mom kindly cleaned the carseat while I cleaned the child.

The children were very well-behaved, but getting tired. I encouraged them to doze on the way there, which they did, and then we sat in the car for a little while so they got a few more minutes of sleep.

After they had their fill, we hit the local Fresh Choice (all you can eat fresh salads, soups, pizza, potato, dessert, bread, muffins, etc...). After eating, the two-year-old said, "I go potty now, then I take a nap." I was paying attention and watched to see if he was quoting what we were going to do once we got home or if he had to go potty. A minute later he said he had to go potty so I took him, but he'd wet his pants. He had indeed "gone potty now." I didn't bring extra clothes, which was a major breaking of my own rule for taking kids out, but his shirt was long enough to hide his bare bottom. We called him Peenie Man and put a paper towel on his highchair while we finished eating.

It was a very fun outing for all of us and a great day, vomit and all; a step back in time to when survival and each other was more important than TV.

I didn't take any pictures because this was our first big field trip and I didn't want to add anything more to it.

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