Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fencing Summer Nationals

I bombed - Big Time! I lost every single bout and didn't make the cut to move up to the direct elimination rounds. I went in 43rd of 104 and came out 96th.

I had a great time afterwards visiting all my fencing buddies.

Due to my work situation, I wasn't able to take any time off ahead of this tournament to rest and my physical preparation was not the best either. Who can work full-time at a labor-intensive job, work at another job part-time, train until 11pm 3 or more nights a week and for 2 or more hours on Saturdays and not be tired?

So, I'm glad I reached the goal I set at the beginning of my adoption process, which was to compete in Summer Nationals, but it was hard and I wouldn't do it again.

This said, I will clarify: I will probably compete in Nationals again, just not pushing myself to do it while also going through major other things, like losing my nearest relative and adopting my first child.

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