Sunday, September 28, 2008

Apple's Custom Jammies

How could I resist these? Were they made for Apple and me or what?

Honestly, today was full of emotional ups and downs. It was the day my fencing club has its annual beach picnic. It's a day I look forward to all year long. I'm already looking forward to next year's event. I was wondering if it's possible that Apple will be with me for it next year, or the year after that?

Sadly, this time last year, I came home after the picnic to find my cat, Max, sprawled on the kitchen floor, unable to get up. A few hours later, he died in my arms. Whenever I think about it, I feel like it's only been four months since this happened, not an entire year.

This year, I'm preparing to say goodbye to my cat Bianca. She is in her final time of life as she goes through cancer. It's in her head, around her left jaw bone. Her face is now very assymetrical and it's very difficult for her to eat. Her skin is somehow effected, it's thickened and stiffened and her tongue is also effected to a degree. I give her subcutaneous fluids every few days, pain medication and I prepare her food so that it's easier for her to eat it.

It was also, exactly, at this time, that my TuTu began the process that turned out to be the natural end of her very long life.

Now that I've written this, I can see why I was driven to shop this weekend, a lot, while I should have been saving as much money as possible. Here's the list of items in this picture left to right:

    · Foam Building Blocks for my daycare
    · DVD for me (family-type movie)
    · Kitten socks & tights for Apple
    · 6 Outfits for Apple, all sizes
    · Hair bows for Apple
    · CD of Feng Shui music for relaxation
    · Foam Alphabet Blocks for my daycare
    · Toy tool kit (B-day present for 2 yr. old)

Here are the socks and tights up close since they are my favorites. In fact, I'm going to search all the Gymborees in my area to find a large size in the tights.

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