Friday, October 31, 2008

Fashion Friday #4

I have a new favorite brand, Pumpkin Patch, but it's pricey. Nordstrom carries it at a slightly lower price than the brand store, even in the same mall, and Nordstrom also had them on sale 40-50% off. These are a size 4.

Macy's also had a great sale and I got this beautiful dress, which looks much, much prettier in real life, for only $4.99.

I'm not sure about this Gymboree skirt yet. H&M had a prettier one, but this one has sparkles in the tulle and I have pieces from a line called City Kitty that will be perfect with it. This super-soft chennille sweater is by Heartstrings, size 5, and matches the Gymboree neopalitan line.

This sweater, size 3, is by Baby Gap. You can see that the skirt can be worn in several sizes.

I couldn't resist this snuggly, cuddly Carter's sleeper, which was also on sale at Macy's.


Eliza2006 said...

Very cute stuff! I love those Macy's sales. Eliza's Easter dress last year was a Macy's sale dress (from when I was waiting for her). I think my final price was $5 for a $36 dress.


Virginia Janet said...
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Kim said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE! I love it all!